UD Factory specializes in producing, creating and marketing theatrical stage shows. Across the globe, whether on the Las Vegas Strip, the Atlantic City Boardwalk or your favorite performing arts center in your hometown, UD Factory produces theatrical shows that wow audiences, bring smiles and laughter.

Current Las Vegas Resident Shows

The Tom Green Show

Tom is well-known as the hilarious TV talk show trickster, an “anything goes” film actor, and interactive internet pioneer, but his roots as a thoroughly unique stand-up comedian run wild and deep. In the past few years, the innovative, willfully off-the-wall performer has reinvented and reinvigorated himself with live comedy gigs across the globe as the lunatic sage of the digital era.

Now, he brings his show to Las Vegas, where he will incorporate video, music and special guests. Let the party begin!

Tenors of Rock

Tenors of Rock is a headlining show produced by UD Factory and currently playing on the Las Vegas Strip. This show features five talented singers performing the greatest rock hits starting with the British invasion. Imagine hearing all your favorite hits from AC/DC, Queen, Led Zeppelin, and more, complete with lights and LED effects in the comfort of the Harrah’s showroom.

Miss Behave Game Show

Usually, when you go into a theater or a performance these days, the first thing you are asked to do is turn off your cell phone so there aren’t any unforeseen, rude interruptions. Well, not at the Miss Behave Game Show! Here you’ll find that unforeseen and potentially rude interruptions are the name of the game.

In fact, get your swipin’ finger trigger-ready so you can dial right into the action. You might even be rewarded handsomely in this wild, new experimental adult game show that’s come to Vegas after a successful international run.

Past Residencies