Jayson Pearson


The son of a showgirl and a stagehand, grandson of a casino owner, and a Las Vegas native, Jayson Pearson has been involved in entertainment since birth. He has worked in television, stage production, and operations management. His interests include grassroots politics, anti-aging technology, amateur bodybuilding, and Dr. Who.

Pearson studied political science and economics at Carroll College in Montana and is currently getting another BS in psychology. He has founded multiple small businesses and a charity. In 2013 he accepted an offer with entertainment management firm UD Factory.. Someday, he hopes to retire to a space station orbiting Mars… or a nice beachfront in Florida.

Behind the scenes:

Jayson and his wife Nissa enjoy outdoor activities with their two dogs. When Nissa can get him out of the office, they also enjoy traveling and taking in nightlife around the globe.

Sometimes, you've just got to get the work done yourself. And sometimes you just try to do your best...

Posted by Seth Yudof on Sunday, October 23, 2016